Graphic Stories



The Airtight Garage

Airtight Garage extract

Short Stories

Woody Allen
A take on prostitution

The Mensa Whore

Neal Asher
Rats forced to evolve to fight robot pest control

Mason's Rats

Isaac Asimov
Aliens arrive


Asimov on historical math units

Historic Maths

Hari Seldon's Second Foundation

Foundations Edge

The end and the beginning

The Last Question

Elijah Bailey investigates murder of a humanoid robot

The Robots of Dawn

Computers elect pres


Pres vote refined down to one voter


Time Travel?

The Time Traveler

Scott Baker
A little girl wants to kill her parents .... with ducks

The Lurking Duck

Daniel Ball
An art theft, a forger and a twist for retribution


JG Ballard
A shipload of poisonous chemicals starts new life on tropical island

Dream Cargoes

Clive Barker
A house on the highway of the dead

The Book of Blood

Prisoner-like story

Babel's Children

Neal Barrett
The Chinese have taken over US


Greg Bear
The statues and gargoyles of a cathedral come to life and mate with nuns .....


Hauling souls to Hell

Dead Run

Moving into 4th dimension


God is an asshole

The Trinty

Gregory Benford
Asteroid miner finds an alien ship

Dark Sanctuary

Guy objects to rich paying for better med treatment

Immortal Night

Aboard a space ark


Gregory Benford and Marc Laidlaw
GE dragons

A Hiss of Dragons

Alfred Bester
Created a woman

Galatea Galante

Bruce Bethke
The SS that invented term Cyberpunk


Ambrose Bierce

The Ingenious Patriot

Lloyd Biggle
Hospital for Emotional Therapy

The Weariest River

David Bischoff
What music will be like in 1996 (1983 story)


Michael Bishop
Music of volcanoes

Vox Olympia

God has compulsory viewing TV program on CBS

God's Hour

Butterflies transform into killers

Snapshots From The Butterfly Plague

Post apocalypse Japan

Reading The Silks

Cats and drugs

Life Regarded As a Jigsaw Puzzle of Highly Lustrous Cats

Michael Bishop and Lee Ellis
Vid game star kid hired to run missiles (1983)

The Last Child Into The Mountain

Terry Bisson
Aliens can't believe a flesh based intelligence

They're Made Out of Meat

Great story about a junkyard with a wormhole to the Moon

A Hole In The Hole

Young Billy finds his dick gets bigger when he rubs it

Billy and the Circus Girl

Young Billy takes up smoking

Billy and the Flying Saucer

What got the Wright brothers going

The Stamp

Friendless guy gets camera which shows crimes

Catch ‘Em in the Act

A nice little killing spree

TVA Baby

Trucking after a major mountain upheaval eastern USA

Over Flat Mountain

Future garden care as Gaea gradually dies

Carl's Lawn and Garden

Two art collectors from the future make a painter's career

Two Guys From The Future

British Isles towed down to warmer climes

England Underway

James Blaycock
Backyard flying saucer

Unidentified Objects

Jill Block
Adopted girl finds birth mother (Hopper painting)

Caroline's Story

Michael Blunlein

The Domino Master

Ben Bova
Early astronauts find alien spacecraft


Mafia bosses try cryogenics to evade punishment

Out Of Time

Ray Bradbury

The God In Science Fiction

The Laurel and Harvey Love Affair

A small town can be really boring for a 13yo boy

Colonel Stonesteel's Genuine Home-Made Truly Egyptian Mummy

Guy meets his dead parents at a restaurant

I Suppose You Wonder Why We're Here

Noises in the attic


First Mars landing

Mars Is Heaven

Scott Bradfield
Dreams of wolves

The Dream of the Wolf

Marshall Brain
When the robots take over


Juleen Brantingham
Fish herding

Lobotomy Shoals

Damien Broderick
Jesus has reincarnated as a black girl

Thy Sting

Warren Brown
Android GF can be a problem if someone else gets control

Last Waltz

John Brunner
Time traveller in Greece?


Love thy fox

The Fable of the Farmer and the Fox

Edward Bryant
Based on the myth of human skin lampshades from concentration camp victims

Skin and Blood

Programmable pet dogs

Mod Dogs

Time travellers salvaging antique furniture off the Oregon Trail

Prairie Sun

GM cats without legs

Bean Bag Cats

Dealing with bad memories

The Serrated Edge

Rescue an alien who fulfils his dreams of space travel

The Man Who Always Wanted To Travel

Anthony Burgess
New planet arrives disrupting solar system catastrophe for Earth

The End of the World news

Octavia Butler
Girl from family with Duryea-Gode Disease

The Evening and The Morning and The Night

Bob Buckley
Matter transmission to Titan

Where No Man Goes

William Burroughs
Ecological story

The Ghost Lemurs of Madagascar

Pat Cadigan
Revenge on a cad

Vengeance Is Yours

Sentient, carnivorous, car

In The Shop

Alien with emotional needs

Roadside Rescue

The fake religious healer and the pilgrim


Media can apparently bash pols into being peaceful

Shoot the Moon

A bad guy who kills vampires for the govt

The Power and The Passion

A computer program beats an abusive husband


Virtual reality taken over by telepath

Johnny Come Home

Murdering the President (on TV)


Jack Cady
A valley sanctuary invaded

The Sons of Noah

Richard Calder
Muslims warlords have taken over America


Francoise Camion
Muslims warlords have taken over America

Some of My Best Friends Are American

George Carlin Live life backwards

My Next Life

Carol Carr
A real tooth fairy?

Tooth Fairy

Jaygee Carr
Only privileged few can have children

Malthus's Day

A primitive genius is going blind

Blind Spot

Space ship, mad scientist, dungeons and chains, sex


Jonathan Carrol
An imaginary friend comes to life and makes copies of art jewellry and pens

Mr Fiddlehead

A revenge on a hustler story

The Dead Love You

A mystery man shows an artist photos of her future

The Sadness of Denial

A life-long liar gets his desserts

The Life of My Crime

Orson Scott Card
Crime punishment by repeated reincarnation

A Thousand Deaths

Child prodigy musician

Unaccompanied Sonata

Man beset with disasters foretold by breathing sounds

Deep Breathing Exercises

Dealing with your death


Replace your fat self with your thin version

Fat Farm

Destroy the world and rebuild

St Amy's Tale

A little girl coping with no limbs

A Sepulcher of Songs

Boy writes tarot card prog to sort out relationship with father

The Changed Man and The King of Words

Ted Chiang
The tower has reached the vault of heaven; now they need miners to dig through

Tower of Babel

Suzy McKee Charnas

The Ancient Mind At Work

Aliens rescue humans take them for entertainment

Listening To Brahms

Arthur C Clarke
Solar Wind powered sailboats in space

The Wind From The Sun

Update of 1970 story predicting 1984 transit viewed from Mars

Transit of Earth

A Gold War

On Golden Seas

Rick Conley
Rats controlling the experiment

Controlled Experiment

Julio Cortoza
Guy gradually sinking into the ground

The Most Profound Caress

Susan Costello
private detective and matchmaking child

Gone For Good

John Crace
700 word satires of well-known books
Dan Brown's Inferno: A Digested Read
Morrissey's Autobiography - A Digested Read

John Crowley
Video recording of someone's life


Jere Cunningham
Rats controlling the experiment


Jack Dann
Titanic sails again

Going Under

A casino to gamble for organs

Blind Shemmy

A tattooist who gives his clients gifts of health


Kid who can hear the dead


Jack and Jeanne Dann
Great story of guy who is God for a month

The Apotheosis of Isaac Rosen

Leo Daugherty
Reincarnates implanted with criminal programs

Pig Thieves On Ptolemy

Sam Delayney Trapped in time by image

The Desert of Time

Philip K. Dick
Revival of dead astronaut's brain

Rautavaara's Case

Peter Dickinson
Evo explanation for dragons

Flight of the Dragon

Thomas Disch
Elevator punishes drama queen kid by taking her to hell

Rosie and the Elevator

Memory rings record experiences for vicarious spectators


Great story abt a date told by their clothes

The Shirt's Tale

Now he's a plant, FFS

The Wandering Jew

Her hair controls her life

The Girl With The Vita-Gel Hair

Pet think

Egg and Chips

Demons playing games with 747 flight


Hugh Downs
Long Reincarnations

The Longest Story Ever Told

Gardner Dozois
Post apocalypse

Morning Child

Lucky guy beats apocalypse

Apres Moi

Mind Scanning


Gardner Dozois and Jack Haldeman II
Post apocalyptic USA

Executive Clemency

Gardner Dozois Jack Dann and Michael Swanwick
Mars explorers get a surprise

The Gods of Mars

David Drake
Post apocalypse

Men Like Us

J.R. Dunn
National amnesia to change world view

The Gates of Babel

Scientists accused of starting plague that kills non-whites

The Other Shore

First contact


Robert Dunn

The Kite Man

Jeff Duntemann & Nancy Kress
In the future men still fight over beer

Borovsky's Hollow Woman

Patrick Duvic

The Eyes On Butterflies Wings

Tom Dworetzky
Lucky cat


Harlan Ellison
People who waste their lives

Count The Clock That Tells The Time

A giant corpse found

On The Slab

How to resign

Attack At Dawn

A car with soul

The Cosmic Barnyard

Blacks have soul, so they win

Amok Harvest

After death, the cupboard

Twilight In The Cupboard

What dreams are for

Internal Inspection

A writer's confession

Metropolis II

What really happened to Icarus


Shed of Rebellion


Identifying the body


Memory Bank washes away bad memories

When Auld Acquaintance Is Forgot

Time commandos on the Titanic


With Virgil Oddum at the East Pole

Time travel vengeance on an oppressor


Great Death story

The Avenger of Death

Social Justice Warrior

The Man Who Rowed Christopher Columbus Ashore

Carol Emshwiller

The Circular Library of Stones

Bird's Eye View

Looking Down

Cynthia Felice
Bigfoot story

Track of a Legend

John Ford
Nuerosurgeon and famous patient

Boundary Echoes

Robert Forward
Asteroid mining

The Singing Diamond

Discussion on how might be possible

How To Build A Time Machine

Karen Joy Fowler
mechanical zoo gorillas

Faded Roses

Robert Frazier


Peter Friend
Amelia Earhart

Tales From The Out of Time Cafe

William Fu
Future card sharps and gunslingers

Hong's Bluff

William Gibson
Basis of Keanu Reeves movie

Johnny Mneumonic

Spaceships mysterious hops to ?


Hackers rob uber brothel

Burning Chrome

SF has disintegrated; squatters taken over GG Bridge

Skinner's Room

Bruce Sterling & William Gibson
space opera written before fall of Berlin Wall

Red Star, Winter Orbit

Ron Goulart
Future policing

Invisible Stripes

Russell Griffin
Post apocalypse hobo trap

Angel At The Gate

W.E. Gutman
Big cities fall apart and homeless kids are prey

Vampire State

Robert Haisty
Births and deaths stop

The Madagascar Event

A subtle way to forestall an alien invasion

Seventh Sense

Jack Haldeman II

To Race The Wind

Joe Haldeman
Rekindling romance


Time travel but can't return to start place

No Future In It

Free verse poem abt mercenaries

Saul's Death

James Hall

Valley of the Kilns

Tom Hanks
TH flies to the Moon

Alan Bean Plus Four

Karl Hansen
Burglars and mind control on Jupiter's moons

Dreams Unwind

Harry Harrison
When The Gasoline Runs Out

Speed of the Cheetah, Roar of the Lion

Robot Police

The Arm of the Law

Pictorial story abt railway built on new planet and war lizard people vs crustacean people

Planet Story

Robert Heinlein
Tesseract architect

And He Built A Crooked House

Pictorial book of LL's wisdom

The Notebooks of Lazarus Long

Time Machine

The Number of the Beast part 1

The Number of the Beast part 2

A Confused Family Tree

All You Zombies

Frank Herbert
Scientist creates GE disease as revenge for IRA bombing

The White Plague part 1

The White Plague part 2

Dune sequel

Heretics of Dune

Patricia Highsmith Suicide

The Legless A

Tony Holkham

New Is Beautiful

Dean Ing
Car racing

The Blizzard Machine

Space colony

Down And Out On Ellfive Prime

Unconventional vehicles

Sam and the Dirty Mudder

Racing what they thought was a supercar back in 1986

Sam and the Banzai Runner

Harvey Jacobs
A bullied kid collects everything

My Rose and Glove

A painter of stars meets an eater of stars


M.G. Jacobs
A loving spaceship autopilot

Minor Surgery and a Poker Game

N.K. Jenisin
A kid makes a black hole

God's Bowling Ball

Richard Kadrey
American Assassin

Fire Catcher

Prostituting your mind rather than body

Becoming Cindy

Yann Kebbi
The genie is hard of hearing

Fire Catcher

John Keefauver
Traffic jam solved by concreting it over

The Great Moveway Jam

Rocks that move

The Rocks That Moved

"the goddam niggers are getting too big for themselves"

Giant On The Beach

Pinball contest to the death

Body Ball

Gregg Keizer
Immortal dies as entertainment at parties for registered suicides

I Am The Burning Bush

Utah salt flats access the past


Whale hunters A magic cloak that makes wearer think he's a werewolf, for example

Whale Song

Future POW camp

The Gulag on the Rue des Grandes Auigustins

Leigh Kennedy
Whale hunters

Whale Song

Full holographic pics for memories

The Preservation of Lindy

John Kessel
A strange railway journey

The Einstein Express

Garry Kilworth
Cosmetic surgery

The Songbirds of Pain

Guy has to fight alien bureaucrats

Paper Moon

Mirror image people

The Looking-Glass Man

Camouflaging tatts make man invisible - NY vigilante

In The Country of Tattooed Men

An elaborate triangle

Filming the Making of the Film of the Making of the Fitzcarraldo

Stephen King
Helping you give up

Quitters, Inc

Father and daughter with psych powers


A drug that calms populace but gives them all Alzheimers (and predicts Waco)

The End of the Whole Mess

Rudyard Kipling
Sea Monster tale

A Matter of Fact

Damon Knight
The elixir of life


Gerard Klein
Mathematical proof of God

Hide and Seek

Cyril Kornbluth

The Marching Morons

William Kotzwinkle
A Collector picks up Earth

The Curio Shop

A birder academic meets a native expert

A Man Who Knew His Birds

Mystery stranger quest

The Man Who Wasn't There

Amusing story of a pharaoh going to meet Judgement

Fragments of Papyrus From The Temple of the Older Gods

Nancy Kreiss

And Whether Pigs have Wings

With The Original Cast

Marc Laidlaw
Post apocalypse gangs in city

400 Boys

Moon landing watchers

Sea of Tranquility

Alt history US still Brit colony

His Powder'd Wig His Crown of Thorns

Dean Lambe

The Hole Thing

David Langford
Afterlife in a computer may have drawbacks

New Hope For The Dead

Ursula Le Guin

The Visionary

First contact, and the put-upon wife triumphs

Encounters With The Gorgonids

Murray Leinster
Mutated Kodiak bears as infantry

Combat Team

Stanislaw Lem
Space pilots have to prove ts

The Test

Space pilot has trouble catching up

Return From The Stars

A robot disappears

The Accident

Sam Levenson
Jewish mother


Barry Longyear
Circus spaceship crashlands on new planet

Elephant Song

Another 'spaceship crashlands on uncharted planet'


Elizabeth Lynn
Cool story of two lovers

At The Embassy Club

Tom Maddox
AI program slowing bc processing visual data

The Mind Like A Strange Balloon

Ex Vet with hardware in his head

Snake Eyes

Robot and info geek and a thief

The Robot and The One You Love

Fears about Texas Collider (1992)

Gravity's Angel

Wham bang action

Baby Strange

Barry Malzberg
Crazy Freud in space

Sigmund In Space

Hemingway dolls with planned obsolescence


Actor for pres?


If there was an invasion

What Did I Do To Blunt The Alien Invasion

A woman objects to his job as a writer of fake documents

Reason Seven

Alt history where Columbus voyage was to expel Jews

Ship Full of Jews

Emily St John Mandel
Time travel

Mr Thursday

George RR Martin
Christian monk to space

The Way of Cross and Dragon

Collector of exotic pets


Time traveller

Under Siege

Fat man infects neighbors

The Pear-Shaped Man

Lisa Mason
Future law


Too busy father tries to compensate with his daughter

Tomorrow's Child

Richard Matheson
Staring contest


Bruce McAllister
All the animals dying

The Ark

A scary world has opened into NY

Kingdom Come

Human surrogate bears baby protected animal

The Girl Who Loved Animals

Vietnam vet flashback problems

Little Boy Blue

John McCarthy
Robot caring for child

The Robot and the Baby

Sandra McDonald
Sex dolls for women

Seven Sexy Cowboy Robots

Lois Metzger
Clone GF so she can marry two men

The Best of Both Worlds

Cynthia Morgan
Whole village reality show

The Hitmaker

John Morressey
Aliens try to understand humans

The Empath and the Savages

Alien appears on TV show and is so good he takes over from host who gets relegated to afternoon show

The Last Jerry Fagin Show

Pat Murphy
An old lady meets an ET


What happened to Peter Pan's lost boys back home


Paul Nahin
Why Isaac Newton went all biblical

Newton's Gift

Computer to decode jargon

The Language Clarifier

A predecessor to IBM's Watson

The Box

Finds Jesus body in Egyptian sarcophagus

A Father's Gift

Fall out of plane during Korean War

The Infinite Plane

Sam Nicholson
New energy invention

Oil Is Not Gold

Huntresses fall for poor men

The Hunting of Hewlish

Larry Niven
Human who chose to live on as comp program meets berserker fortress

A Teardrop Falls

Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
Independant 'arcology' within LA

Oath of Fealty

Joyce Carol Oates
Torturous family


A painter whose subjects die or vanish

The Artist

Kevin O'Donnell
Android servant for an asteroid miner, but ....


Living rocks out in asteroid belt

Rock Garden

Leslie Parry
Missing girl

The Night Bus

Hayford Peirce
Russian immigrants invading

Iceback Invasion

Miachaelene Pendleton
UFOs very small meet hungry wino


Steve Perry
Who should get miracle cures?


Frederick Pohl
Robot farmers

Farmer On The Dole

Jesus doesn't want to come back bc we've trashed the place

Second Coming

Christmas On Mars

Adeste Fideles

Terry Pratchett
Why did the chicken cross the road?

Hollywood Chickens

A personal demon

The Incubust

The time Carrot interviewed DEATH

Theatre of Cruelty

A non-discworld story with DEATH (and disco!)

Turntables of the Night

James Randi
Real magic

Lesson One

A story about a computer program called racter which writes a SS called Soft Ions

Soft Ions

Reddit writing prompt (various authors)
Angels, demons and sandwiches

Angels Demons and Sandwiches

Kit Reed
Guy gets mech tiger and gets self-belief

Automatic Tiger

William Relling
God gets pissed with the TV preachers

Along The Midway of the Carnival of Souls

Jeffrey Renner
A 3 line SF SS

The Shortest Ever SF SS

Stephen Robinett
Flying saucer doing film shoots on location - Earth

Hell Creatures of the Third Planet

Hologram replaces Pres

The President's Image

Space Ark reincarnation no 13 of ship's officer and mate

Number 13

Apparently they thought videotapes would still be around in the future

Amor Y Pesetas

Kim Stanley Robinson Humans are raised in arcologies to form sculptures for amusement of an elite

Our Town

Spider Robinson
The old 'burglar saves suicidal woman' cliche

God Is An Iron

Callahan's Bar story



Soul Search

Adoption bar sharks

Serpents' teeth

Michaela Roessner, Connie Willis and John Kessel
Schrodinger's Cat turns the tables

Mieze Corrects An Incomplete Representation of Reality

Fred Saberhagen
Berserker and Sherlock Holmes story

Adventure of The Metal Murderer

Scott Russell Sanders
Extinct Earth creatures appear on a new planet

The Audubon Effect

Mechanical zoo animals want out

The Circus Animals Desertion

Exploring new planet

Travels In The Interior

Shamans controlling health of planet

Dancing In Dreamtime

Vladimir Savchenko
Computer duplicates its scientist


Bob Shaw
Humane execution of killer

In The Hereafter Hilton

Robert Sheckley
Notify senator that going to kill the rich as solution to problems (1978)

Body Game

A trip to the future - and it's all free love!

The Future Lost

Art of the very short story

The Eye of Reality

Great story about alien invasion as servant robots


A robot bends the rules to help a hurt human

Robot Vendor Rex

Reality game foreshadows The Hunger Games

The Prize of Peril

Lucius Shepard

Pictures Made of Stone

A Little Light Music


Jean Shepherd
Alien archaeologists try to figure out Earth culture from excavated video tapes

The Lost Culture of Deli

William Shepherd
Chess set with subversive qualities in Communist Russia

The Chessmen

Lewis Shiner
Magic Mushrooms bring past Mayan to life

Deserted Cities of the Heart


John Shirley
Reincarnation to punish for crime in previous life


Robert Silverberg
Dino Island researcher goes native becomes dino goddess

Our Lady of the Sauropods

Ambassador from Empire of San Francisco

The Palace At Midnight

Artist meets alien

The Soul Painter and the Shapeshifter

Time Travellers problems

The Far Side of the Bell Shaped Curve

A bored teen girl exploits alien escapee

Amanda Meets The Alien

Split personalities


New (non-pol, clueless) pres every 6 months


Aliens arrive and set fire to LA

Against Babylon

Alien computer takes over world


Eco disaster to get rid or earthling invaders

The Catch

Old man with jumbled war memories

The Last Surviving Veteran of the War of San Francisco

Hunting dinosaurs (also, never trust a woman)

Hunters In The Forest

Clifford Simak


All Flesh Is Grass

ETs create gateway to other planets and traders

The Big Front Yard

Dan Simmons
Telepath therapy

Eyes I Dare Not Meet In Dreams

Mind Vampires 'feeding' to stop aging

Carrion Comfort

Sim of Vietnam War

E-Ticket To NamLand

Suicide by Gulfstream

Two Minutes Forty Five Seconds

John Skipp and Craig Spector
Scary story of air con that turns people into fungal hosts

Kool King

Norman Spinrad
Reliving old lives through video tapes

Prime Time

Joke (drunk) pres wins and everyone lives HEA


Sherwood Springer
Retread of old joke about guy repaying loan pretending to buy sexual favours

Only You Franzy

Bruce Sterling
Taerraforming Mars

Sunken Gardens

Soldiers all the same

The Gulf Wars

Bruce Sterling and Lewis Shiner
Time travel story abt corrupting a young Mozart

Mozart In Mirrorshades

Bruce Sterling & William Gibson
space opera written before fall of Berlin Wall

Red Star, Winter Orbit

Ian Stewart
Voyager's message to the stars - unexpected consequences

Message From Earth

Duplicator problem - virus


Peter Straub
Bobo's Magic Taxi

Something About A Death

Whitney Strieber
Everybody's body's fall apart

Falling Apart

Theodore Sturgeon
Computer enhanced humans and FTL space travel

Time Warp

Space priest

Why Dolphins Don't Bite Part 1

Why Dolphins Don't Bite Part 2

Tom Sullivan
GE athletes

The Mickey Mouse Olympics

Michael Swanick
Impt Lessons in Art and Life

The Man Who Met Picasso

Personalities in a computer sim

Trojan Horse

Covenant of Souls

Carnivorous Burberry (and worked in 'susurration' and 'ululaying' just bc he cd)

The Overcoat

A man on the run up in the high snowfields

Snow Angels

Michael Swanick and William Gibson
Hackers and Betrayal


Kono Tensei
Father and son start seeing dinosaurs


Walter Tevis
Stop time lovers

Rent Control

Haunted by GF's dead lover

Out Of Luck

John Updike
Dinosaurs didn't die out, they evolved a cocktail party society

During The Jurassic

Howard Waldrop
Senator E. Aaron Presley and Eisenhower the jazz musician

Ike At The Mike

Sumo wrestlers in the future (2014!) with zen power and some unusual tactics


Gangboppers sing contest + aspaceship

Flying Saucer Rock and Roll

Young writer in Nigeria

The Lions Are Asleep Tonight

Invasion from Mars into 1900 Old West town

Night of the Cooters

A Greek centaur

Wild, Wild Horses

Alt post ww2

The Effects of Alienation

Douglas Warwick
Time traveller living in Abraham Lincoln's skull ...

Sic Semper, Sic Semper, Sic Semper

Ian Watson
Machine to trap death

A Cage For Death

After the war Americans invade empty Russia bc US destroyed

Returning Home

John Anthony West
Trying to get to paradise

The Fox and the Hedgehog

Who stays warm?

The Emperor's New Clothes

Kathleen Westfall
Bureaucratic revenge games

Easy Points

Wayne Wightman
Future Cage Fighter

The Fighter

Cherry Wilder
Jump to another universe


Kate Wilhelm
Water Engineer

The Mind of Medea

Charismatic evangelist and strange daughter

Sister Angel

O Homo

The Dragon Seed

An ET like an angel arrives small town

And The Angels Sing

A handwriting analyst gets a puzzle

Forever Yours, Anna

Walter Williams
Modified human assassin

Sarah Runs The Weasel

Jack Williamson
Hunting the fireworm was a mistake

Venus Is Hell

Connie Willis
Water Engineer

And Also Much Cattle

Chaos theory IRL

At The Rialto

Convinced atheist dies and meets God

Lord of Hosts

The chaos theory butterfly that caused the rain

A New Theory Explaining The Unpredictability of Forecasting the Weather

David Wilson
A dad and little daughter black holes

The Blue Afternoon That Lasted Forever

Gahan Wilson
Peoples' limbs go missing


Ice cream truck driver and the children ...

Mister Ice Cold

Richard Wilson
Booze beats the aliens

Don't Fence Me In

Gene Wolfe
Animitronic toys

War Beneath The Tree

Two gods named Gene & Sis write a beginning story


Jack Womack
Kennedy assass conspiracy

A Kiss, A Wink, A Grassy Knoll

Tsutsui Yasutaka
Animals and people get turned into trees

Standing Woman

Roger Zelazny

A Rose for Ecclesiastes

Cyborg space pilot


Hunting down the last wild cars

The Wild Ones

Berserker story

Itself Surprised

AI's fight in the snow


The dragon that guards

Quest's End

A unicorn, a chess game and a bar
Unicorn Variations

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The Impossible Box Explained

Museum of Impossible Objects

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Most Mysterious Paper Airplane

3D Mazes

3D Mazes 2



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