Harry Harrison

Other Harry Harrison Short Stories

Robot Police

The Arm of the Law

Pictorial story abt railway built on new planet and war lizard people vs crustacean people

Planet Story

Other Car Short Stories (mostly from Omni)

Pat Cadigan
Sentient, carnivorous, car

In The Shop

Harlan Ellison
A car with soul

The Cosmic Barnyard

Robert Haisty
A subtle way to forestall an alien invasion

Seventh Sense

Harry Harrison
When the gasoline runs out

Speed of the Cheetah, Roar of the Lion

Dean Ing
Car racing

The Blizzard Machine

Dean Ing
Unconventional vehicles

Sam and the Dirty Mudder

Dean Ing
Racing what they thought was a supercar back in 1986

Sam and the Banzai Runner

John Keefauver
Traffic jam solved by concreting it over

The Great Moveway Jam

Roger Zelazny
Hunting down the last wild cars

The Wild Ones

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