After the Apocalypse

Anthony Burgess
New planet arrives disrupting solar system catastrophe for Earth

The End of the World news

Francoise Camion
Muslim warlords have taken over America

Some of My Best Friends Are American

Gardner Dozois
Post apocalypse

Morning Child

Gardner Dozois and Jack Haldeman II
Post apocalyptic USA

Executive Clemency

David Drake
Post apocalypse

Men Like Us

Russell Griffin
Post apocalypse hobo trap

Angel At The Gate

Marc Laidlaw
Post apocalypse gangs in city

400 Boys

Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
Independant 'arcology' within LA

Oath of Fealty

Hayford Peirce
Russian immigrants invading

Iceback Invasion

Cyril Kornbluth
So many dumb people admin by smart elite

The Marching Morons

Ian Watson
After the war Americans invade empty Russia bc US destroyed

Returning Home

Alien Contact

Isaac Asimov
Aliens arrive


Greg Benford
Asteroid miner finds an alien ship

Dark Sanctuary

Ben Bova
Early astronauts find alien spacecraft


Edward Bryant Thwarted astronaut rescues an alien from a carny

The Man Who Always Wanted To Travel

Pat Cadigan Alien feeding off emotions

Roadside Rescue

Suzy McKee Charnas
Aliens rescue humans take them for entertainment

Listening To Brahms

John Morressey
Aliens try to understand humans

The Empath and the Savages

John Morressey
Alien appears on TV show and is so good he takes over from host who gets relegated to afternoon show

The Last Jerry Fagin Show

Stephen Robinett
Flying saucer doing film shoots on location - Earth

Hell Creatures of the Third Planet

Robert Sheckley Great story about alien invasion as servant robots


Ian Stewart
Voyager's message to the stars - unexpected consequences

Message From Earth

Jean Shepherd
Alien archaeologists try to figure out Earth culture from excavated video tapes

The Lost Culture of Deli

Richard Wilson
Booze beats the aliens

Don't Fence Me In


Pat Cadigan
Sentient, carnivorous, car

In The Shop

Harlan Ellison
A car with soul

The Cosmic Barnyard

Robert Haisty
A subtle way to forestall an alien invasion

Seventh Sense

Harry Harrison
When the gasoline runs out

Speed of the Cheetah, Roar of the Lion

Dean Ing
Car racing

The Blizzard Machine

Dean Ing
Unconventional vehicles

Sam and the Dirty Mudder

Racing what they thought was a supercar back in 1986

Sam and the Banzai Runner

John Keefauver
Traffic jam solved by concreting it over

The Great Moveway Jam

Roger Zelazny
Hunting down the last wild cars

The Wild Ones


Orson Scott Card
Child prodigy musician

Unaccompanied Sonata

Orson Scott Card
Boy writes tarot card prog to sort out relationship with father

The Changed Man and The King of Words

Jaygee Carr
Only privileged few can have children

Malthus's Day


Thomas Disch
Great story abt a date told by their clothes

The Shirt's Tale

Spider Robinson
Adoption bar sharks

Serpents' teeth

Crime and Punishment

Scott Baker
A little girl wants to kill her parents .... with ducks

The Lurking Duck

Orson Scott Card
Crime punishment by repeated reincarnation

A Thousand Deaths

Susan Costello
private detective and matchmaking child

Gone For Good

Thomas Disch
Elevator punishes drama queen kid by taking her to hell

Rosie and the Elevator

William Gibson
Basis of Keanau Reeves movie

Johnny Mneumonic

William Gibson
Hackers rob uber brothel

Burning Chrome

Ron Goulart
Future policing

Invisible Stripes

Harry Harrison
Robot Police

The Arm of the Law

Spider Robinson
The old 'burglar saves suicidal woman' cliche

God Is An Iron

Fred Saberhagen
Berserker and Sherlock Holmes story

Adventure of The Metal Murderer

John Shirley
Reincarnation to punish for crime in previous life


Bob Shaw
Humane execution of killer

In The Hereafter Hilton


Greg Bear Transporting souls to Hell

Dead Run

Gregory Benford Immortality

Immortal Night

Orson Scott Card
Dealing with your death


Hugh Downs
Long Reincarnations

The Longest Story Ever Told

Harlan Ellison
After death, the cupboard

Twilight In The Cupboard

Harlan Ellison
Identifying the body


Harlan Ellison
A giant corpse found

On The Slab

Robert Haisty
Births and deaths stop

The Madagascar Event

Joe Haldeman
Free verse poem abt mercenaries

Saul's Death

John Keefauver
Pinball contest to the death

Body Ball

Greg Keizer
Immortal dies as entertainment at parties for registered suicides

I Am The Burning Bush

Bob Shaw
Humane execution of killer

In The Hereafter Hilton

Ian Watson
Machine to trap death

A Cage For Death


Kono Tensei
Father and son start seeing dinosaurs


Robert Silverberg
Dino Island researcher goes native becomes dino goddess

Our Lady of the Sauropods

John Updike
Dinosaurs didn't die out, they evolved a cocktail party society

During The Jurassic

Fat People

Orson Scott Card
Replace your fat self with your thin version

Fat Farm

Genetic Engineering

Greg Benford and Marc Laidlaw
GE dragons

A Hiss of Dragons

Alfred Bester
Created a woman

Galatea Galante

William Fu GE cowboy card players

Hong's Bluff

Lois Metzger
Clone GF so she can marry two men

The Best of Both Worlds

Kate Wilhelm
Water Engineer

The Mind of Medea

Tom Sullivan
GE athletes

The Mickey Mouse Olympics


Lloyd Biggle
Hospital for Emotional Therapy

The Weariest River

Jack Dann
A casino to gamble for organs

Blind Shemmy

Philip K. Dick
Revival of dead astronaut's brain

Rautavaara's Case

John Ford
Nuerosurgeon and famous patient

Boundary Echoes

Frank Herbert
Scientist creates GE disease as revenge for IRA bombing

The White Plague part 1

The White Plague part 2

Damon Knight


Steve Perry
Who should get miracle cures?



Woody Allen
A take on prostitution

The Mensa Whore

Sherwood Springer
Retread of old joke about guy repaying loan pretending to buy sexual favours

Only You Franzy


Pat Cadigan
Revenge on a cad

Vengeance Is Yours

Frank Herbert
Scientist creates GE disease as revenge for IRA bombing

The White Plague part 1

The White Plague part 2

Kathleen Westfall
Bureaucratic revenge games

Easy Points


Ray Bradbury

The God In Science Fiction

George RR Martin
Christian monk to space

The Way of Cross and Dragon

Paul Nahin
Why Isaac Newton went all biblical

Newton's Gift

Paul Nahin
Finds Jesus body in Egyptian sarcophagus

A Father's Gift

Frederick Pohl
Jesus doesn't want to come back bc we've trashed the place

Second Coming

Theodore Sturgeon
Space priest

Why Dolphins Don't Bite Part 1

Why Dolphins Don't Bite Part 2

Kate Wilhelm
Charismatic evangelist and strange daughter

Sister Angel

Gene Wolfe
Two gods named Gene & Sis write a beginning story



Isaac Asimov
Elijah Bailey investigates murder of a humanoid robot

The Robots of Dawn

Warren Brown
Android GF can be a problem if someone else gets control

Last Waltz

Harry Harrison
Robot Police

The Arm of the Law

Stanislaw Lem
A robot disappears

The Accident

Kevin O'Donnell
Android servant for an asteroid miner, but ....


Larry Niven
Human who chose to live on as comp program meets berserker fortress

A Teardrop Falls

Frederick Pohl
Robot farmers

Farmer On The Dole

Fred Saberhagen
Berserker and Sherlock Holmes story

Adventure of The Metal Murderer

Theodore Sturgeon
Computer enhanced humans and FTL space travel

Time Warp

Roger Zelazny
Cyborg space pilot


Sport and Games

Michael Bishop and Lee Ellis
Vid game star kid hired to run missiles (1983)

The Last Child Into The Mountain

Wayne Wightman
Future Cage Fighter

The Fighter

Gene Wolfe
Animitronic toys

War Beneath The Tree

Tom Sullivan
GE athletes

The Mickey Mouse Olympics

Time Travel

John Brunner
Time traveller in Greece?


Time travel revenge


Robert Forward
Discussion on how might be possible

How To Build A Time Machine

Peter Friend
Amelia Earhart

Tales From The Out of Time Cafe

Joe Haldeman
Time travel but can't return to start place

No Future In It

Robert Heinlein
Time Machine

The Number of the Beast part 1

The Number of the Beast part 2

Greg Keizer
Utah salt flats access the past


George RR Martin

Under Siege

Lewis Shiner
Magic Mushrooms bring past Mayan to life

Deserted Cities of the Heart

Bruce Sterling and Lewis Shiner Time travel corrupt Mozart

Mozart In Mirrorshades

Walter Tevis
Stop time lovers

Rent Control


Jack Dann
Titanic sails again

Going Under

Harlan Ellison
Time commandos on the Titanic


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